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    Suffering personal injury during an accident can alter the course of one’s life. Mounting medical bills, disability, and lost wages are only some of the consequences associated with serious bodily injury. If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence, you need to retain a personal injury attorney in Texas. The Dallas personal injury attorneys of Arash Law have decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases. 

    Contact Arash Law today to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case. Call Arash Law at (888) 398-4017 to learn more about the legal services we offer. We have two decades of experience representing injured victims in personal injury cases. Arash Law has recovered over $200 million dollars for its clients.

    You may have to stay home from work while you recover from your injuries. You also may have mounting medical bills related to your treatment. Financial problems can make it difficult for you to pay the costs of your medical treatment.

    You also may lose the ability to do the things that brought you joy and happiness before you suffered a personal injury. If you cannot walk your dog, play with your children, or attend events with friends, your life can become less enjoyable than it was before. Retaining a personal injury lawyer in Dallas is one of the best actions you can take to ensure you obtain monetary compensation for your injuries.

    Our experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys can provide you with answers to the following questions:

    • Will my personal injury case come to a conclusion within a specific time period?
    • Can I negotiate my settlement?
    • When can I file a legal claim?
    • How am I going to pay all my medical bills?
    • Who will compensate me for my lost wages?
    • Will my case take longer than one year?

    Negligence law in Texas allows injured victims to demand compensation for their injuries. You can assert a claim to recover financial compensation from the individual or company that caused your personal injuries. The exceptional personal injury attorneys at Arash Law can guide you through every step of your personal injury case.

    Accident Statistics In Texas

    Civil lawsuits concerning personal injury are filed every day throughout the United States. One reason so many personal injury cases are filed and litigated is due to the high number of injuries that occur every year. Millions of individuals are injured each year in the United States. Texas is the 2nd most populous state in the country, and this also leads to a large number of personal injury cases filed throughout the state.

    Traffic collisions are one of the leading causes of the large number of accidents in Texas and other U.S. states. In fact, there were more than 12,000 injury crashes in Texas in 2020 alone. In addition, many motor vehicle accidents involve large commercial vehicles like semis or tanker trucks. Large vehicles can often cause catastrophic injuries that lead to complex lawsuits.

    Texans are not only injured during motor vehicle collisions. Many individuals are injured while working on construction sites throughout the state. Ports like the Port of Houston or the Port of Corpus Christi also report accidents and fatalities every year. These statistics demonstrate that many different types of injuries occur in the State of Texas every year. The liable parties may contest liability or try to deny your claims. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

    An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with professional services and maximize the chances of getting the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free case evaluation with a Dallas personal injury attorney, call Arash Law at (888) 398-4017 to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case.

    Common types of accidents that cause personal injuries are slip and fall accidents, premises liability cases, and products liability cases. You may have been injured while in a commercial store or while using a specific consumer product. No matter the circumstances of your accident, Arash Law can help you determine the best course of action to take in the future to claim the financial compensation you deserve.

    Essential Parts Of A Personal Injury Case

    No two personal injury cases are exactly alike. Each case has unique facts and circumstances. A successful strategy for one case may be detrimental to another case. Specific legal principles may apply to your case, and therefore a personal injury attorney is essential to recovering the monetary compensation you deserve. The steps you take early on in the process can benefit your case before you retain a Texas personal injury attorney.

    You should not be forced to pay medical expenses because of a mistake made by another party. Serious bodily injuries can impair your ability to function from day to day. Emotional exhaustion and financial hardship are commonly experienced by those who suffer personal injury due to the negligent actions of another person.

    If you are unable to work, you lose wages and may not be able to pay for necessary medical care. Under these circumstances, it can be difficult to know who to trust or where to look for help.

    Arash law understands how stressful it is to deal with the problems created by serious bodily injury. You should not continue to suffer due to the negligent or reckless behavior of someone else. Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney will protect you and your loved ones from tactics used by insurance companies to deny your claims.

    The attorneys at Arash Law will zealously advocate for you and your legal interests. You don’t have to carry the burden of handling your case by yourself. The Arash Law personal injury attorneys in Texas can take responsibility for every aspect of your case. Our attorneys have decades of experience recovering financial compensation for injured victims.

    Protecting your legal rights is imperative if you have suffered a serious bodily injury during an accident. Do not try to stand up to large corporations or insurance companies without a personal injury attorney by your side. Many of these companies have vast resources, and they will attempt to pay you the least amount of money possible.

    OUR DALLAS Personal Injury ATTORNEYs USE Many Tools To Obtain The Financial Compensation You Deserve

    If you have suffered personal injury during an accident, you want to receive financial compensation for your injuries. You may have experienced emotional trauma and mental suffering due to the injuries you suffered. Nevertheless, you don’t want to deal with your case for extremely long periods of time. You want to resolve your case and move on with your life.

    The attorneys at Arash Law will attempt to recover the following damages on your behalf:

    • General damages result from a party’s actions and include mental anguish, psychological suffering, and disfigurement.
    • Special damages are typically economic damages with numerical values and include lost wages, future pain and suffering, medical expenses, and physical disability. You may also recover loss of household services which is the economic value of services you provided around the home, such as child care and domestic maintenance
    • Exemplary damages exist to punish the party who caused you to suffer harm. These are also called punitive damages, and they exist to deter the at-fault party and others from causing harm by repeating the same behavior in the future. Punitive damages are awarded if it is demonstrated through clear and convincing evidence that the liable party knew its conduct carried an extreme degree of risk but acted with indifference to the rights, welfare, and safety of others.

    The amount of damages you claim will be stated on a statement of damages form that is filed with the court. Our attorneys at Arash Law will request medical records and medical bills so we can tabulate all the costs associated with your injuries. It is important that you bring in any records you have if you retain a personal injury attorney. 

    The goal of the personal injury attorneys at Arash Law is to collect these damages through a settlement agreement rather than filing a lawsuit and proceeding to trial. If the insurance companies do not agree to settle, then we are prepared to take your case to court and demand the monetary compensation you deserve. 

    You may have a wrongful death claim if a loved one suffered injuries and died as a result of those injuries. You may also have a wrongful death claim if a loved one was killed at the time the accident occurred. Wrongful death claims are not the same as personal injury claims under Texas law. Retaining a law firm that understands the differences between wrongful death cases and personal injury cases will benefit you and your family. 

    Do The Attorneys At Arash Law in dallas Handle All Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

    Retaining an experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable personal injury attorney is critical if you want the best chance of recovering the financial compensation you deserve. Your personal injury case is not solely about recovering the money that will help you pay for your medical treatment and other costs.

    You need to regain control over your life and heal from your injuries. By retaining a confident personal injury attorney who is unafraid of large corporations and insurance companies, you have the best chance of recovering maximum compensation for your injuries.

    Our Texas personal injury attorneys at Arash Law have recovered over $200 million for our clients. We have decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Arash Law is devoted to injury victims who need assistance during stressful times in their lives. Retaining a personal injury attorney at Arash Law means you will have an attorney who you can respect and trust.

    The Texas personal injury attorneys at Arash Law handle many different types of accident cases, including the following: 

    • Products liability
    • Bicycling accidents
    • Oil and gas accidents
    • Wrongful death
    • False imprisonment
    • Dog bite cases
    • Workplace injury cases
    • Electrocution accidents
    • Trucking accidents
    • Burn injuries
    • Construction accidents

    Our personal injury lawyers in Dallas can obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Whether you were injured by a dangerous product or suffered injuries during a motor vehicle accident, the personal injury attorneys at Arash Law can offer you exceptional legal representation.

    Our attorneys are committed to helping victims like you get the compensation they deserve under Texas law. A personal injury attorney will request medical records, preserve witness statements, subpoena documents, and investigate the accident scene. Thorough research and investigation are critical components of any personal injury case.

    How Do I Know How Much My Case Is Worth?

    The amount of financial compensation you may be able to recover depends on the nature of your injuries and the specific facts of your case. Were you injured by a commercial truck driver? Did you slip and fall inside a store leased or owned by a major corporation? Did the driver who injured you have adequate automobile insurance? These are the questions you and your personal injury attorney will discuss regarding your case and its possible resolution.

    The following are some of the types of compensation injured victims receive:

    • Lost wages 
    • Lost future earnings 
    • Property damage
    • Pain and suffering 
    • Assisted living costs 
    • Physical therapy 
    • Chiropractic care 
    • Medical bills

    You will discuss your losses with your personal injury attorney to determine the possible value of your case. It is impossible to predict what any case is worth because many different factors can influence the outcome of any case. Contact Arash Law to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case.


    The Statute Of Limitations For Personal Injury Cases Under Texas Law

    If you suffer personal injury in the State of Texas, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. You will forfeit yaour injuries if you do not file the claim before the statute of limitations period ends. You need to retain a personal injury attorney if you want to file a claim for personal injuries.

    The skilled personal injury attorneys at Arash Law can guide you through every step of your personal injury case. Our attorneys are proud to help those who need help. Our Dallas personal injury attorneys possess the skills and knowledge that will give you the best chance of recovering the financial compensation you deserve.

    Call Us to Schedule a Free Consultation with a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney anytime of day, or night.

    Contact Arash Law to schedule a free consultation. Also, call the office at (888) 398-4017 to learn more about the legal services we offer. We work with clients throughout Texas, including the cities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Importantly, we will never collect legal fees unless we win your case. Contact us today.

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